Fixer Uppers:

A husband and wife duo. Henri is a successful barber with two shops under his belt. Loretta runs three small businesses. Together they are raising twins; a wild boy and a strong spirited girl and the foursome are mostly seen out and about with their senior golden woof, Digby at their side. It’s a family affair! 

 This new brand of menswear gives a nod to the old tradition of barbering. Barbering and the barbershop isn’t just about getting your barnet and beard shaped up; it’s a journey with yourself. Your barber is often your confidante and a barbershop a place where men can be male. The Fix Up logo and all it’s variants reflect just that. You go into a barbers and you fix up and look smart.

 Fix Up is Henri’s brain child. His idea had been forming and gathering pace in his grey matter for a while. Henri runs a hugely successful and busy barbershop and knows that after nearly 28 years of cutting hair and shaping beards his body is starting to show signs of ‘wear and tear’ and he wants to continue being part of that world even if his hands can’t work it full time anymore. His passion for what he does is such that Fix Up is a clothing brand that spills over from his barbering and understanding how men like clothing to feel and hang. He’s become somewhat of an expert on male grooming gleaned from the thousands of conversations he has over a week from the barber chair. Fix Up is more than a brand of clothing it’s a lifestyle.

Expect a lot to come for this brand! A Club Room has been created, free to join and there you can keep up to date with all the new lines and designs as well as some Club TV, writing and exclusive interviews!